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Is there a circuit board or FX module that mimics a Fender tremolo system that can be installed on the guitar itself? Answered

I'm not referring to the amplifier-type Tremolo's as in Fender Amps, but a device that takes the mechanics out of a traditional tremolo set-up and digitizes the signal to do exactly what a Fender-Style Tremolo on the guitar does. In other word's, I would like to design a module or device that act's and performs by using the Tremolo Arm, as in slang term's, DiveBombs, Diving Harmonics or just about anything you can do with the mechanical Tremolo Arm itself. I've really been researching this, but so far no luck. Any info will be deeply appreciated...Thanks..Wayne6412


The Jamalam

10 years ago

A capacitor, much like the volume and tone controls, flipped sideways and springloaded with the arm attached could do the trick.


10 years ago

There are circuits that emulate a Fender tremelo. I doubt it would be all that difficult to embed such a circuit into the guitar, prolly inside the cutout for the electronics...

her's one I found in about two seconds by searching for "fender tremelo circuit

triggering it with the whammy bar might be a bit more daunting, 'specially since you've indicate that you want to do more than one thing with it.