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Is there a face appliance simillar to liquid latex, but reusable? Answered

Im trying to make a "chin extension" for a costume I have in mind for Halloween, but I dont want to have to form it from liquid latex every time I put it on. Is there a way to make such an appliance that can be reused?



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Best Answer 11 years ago

Make the piece separately (from latex or other material), thick enough to be reasonably durable but light enough to be comfortable and hold its shape; use liquid latex to attach to face. There used to be a nice group of sets sold under the brand name "The Face" which used some sort of plastic foam sheet cast into the right shapes; those were basically hollow, held in shape by their own springiness and by the attachments to the face.

For more serious makeup: Make a facial cast (I believe there's discussion on Instructables of how to do so using alganate). Cast a plaster life mask from that. Build it up to create the mask shape you want. Make a mold from that. Now you can use liquid latex or equivalent to slip-cast as many copies of the appliance as you might need. Save the mold and you can cast more years later. Disposable means not having to worry as much about damaging it.

(I suppose you could just make the positive and then paint latex directly onto that. But that won't capture any fine detail you worked into the original; it'll just be a mostly-smooth surface, unless you work the detail into the latex as you go.)