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Is there a limit to the amount of steps you can have/word count? Answered

I've just got onto my 6th step, and apart from the first sentence (which I wrote the day before) it keeps deleting everything I write even though I save it?




8 years ago

I assume that your talking about a step by step instructable.
There might be a limit but if there is its pretty high. I wrote a bit of an epic a short time ago and its many pages long. Thirteen steps and loads of pictures.

There sometimes are little glitch's that happen, and ever now and then things get messed up.
Here is a current problem that sounds like yours.


And another :\

Anyway, looks like there is a problem so just hang in there. Try writing everything out in word pad or a word processor and save it so that when the problem is fixed you can post it all and not loose your creative momentum that you have going at the present.


8 years ago

There is no limit, you are the victim of a bug which is affecting several people.

HQ staff do not keep a close tab on the Q&A section, so I strongly recommend you fill out a bug report (click here).


Answer 8 years ago

(Did your title contain symbols that were not letters or numbers? Apparently they are giving the new editor indigestion...)