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Is there a program or a website that allows you to track a cell phone? I need to locate where somone is? ? Answered

GPS locater on a cell phone


curt resident
curt resident

10 years ago

This works as well or better than any pay tracking service. It is a "real time" tracker (finds location now) , not a passive tracker (records data, then you remove unit and download to computer.

You buy a Boost Mobile GPS prepaid cell phone ( $40).
You download the tracking software and upload to phone (free)
You install the Monitoring software from Instamapper to computer (free)
You are ready to track the phone, anytime, anyplace and see it on a satellite map. Each "ping" shows as a dot on the map based on the selected times (every 5, 15, 30 seconds, etc). It connects segments for a path. Also has a data window that lists the lat/long of each ping, the time, date, and speed).

It is a little tricky to set it up, but the site has great instructions, a forum, etc.
It took me about 3 hours to get it working after buying the phone.

It costs about .35 cents a day for 24/7 tracking of my 16yr old daughter's car. I hide it in trunk. I would pay 10 times that much for the info I get.

It really is free, and as good or better than any pay service (I researched it heavily before I stumbled onto the site.



11 years ago

if it's an iphone then apple's new mobile me can track it