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Is there a quicker way of cutting metal shapes? ? Answered

Hi there, thank you so much for this helpful tutorial. I would really like to make my own cut out metal triangles for necklaces. I can see how I could do this with your method. However, is the quickest way to achieve this without using a cutting laser machine? I'm looking to start making my own jewellery so I'm just in the research stages but I can't seem to find much information on this. Thanks so much in advance =)



1 year ago

And.... I've just read the question and answers below! haha. Do you know of any other websites that also provide tutorials on how to cut metal for jewellery making purposes? Thanks in advance

Wayne in Granby CTAnnekaH2

Answer 19 days ago

YouTube is one place to go. But if you just used your own word in a search on DuckDuckGo.com "cut metal for jewellery making purposes" there is a endless list of great tutorials.

Wayne in Granby CT

19 days ago

AnnkaH2, To make this quick and fast. Not all lasers can cut metal, most can't. The best are YAG laser and they are very expensive. The cheap China CO2 lasers can mark SOME metals with special marking gels, I don't know of any that can cut through metal unless it was aluminum foil thickness, and maybe not even that. Metal are too reflective and dissipate the laser beams heat to far for the CO2 lasers to work, it has to do with the wavelength of the laser beam and it's power.

The reason there isn't much info on cutting metals with Lasers is your looking in the wrong places, set your price to buy one much higher.

Marking Jewelry -$13,000.00 USD https://www.bosslaser.com/jewelry-product/
Cutting Metal -$70,000.00 USD https://www.bosslaser.com/fc-3650-accu-cut.html