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Is there a quiz program to answer with yes or no that is compatible with a arduino uno. Answered

I have a question about a project for school with a arduino uno.
I have one arduino uno and 4 servo motors and 2 LCD displays, and some jumpwires (male and female)

What i want to create is a race course made out of wood and i want to use the motors as levers.
You can play this game with 2 players and the purpose of the whole game is to reach the finish earlier than your apponent.
To this game i want to add educational quistions with yes or no as a answer.
When a guestion is answered right the levers should open.
If you answer a question wrong the levers should stay closed.
I also want to make sure that if the player reaches the finish some LED lights blink.
Is there a quiz program that i can use or could you help me make my own quiz program ?

could you help me.

Kind regards,



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4 years ago

I think you are over reaching yourself for a school project.

Break it down in to parts and solve each one.

eg. 1Moving servo motors

2. Displaying questions

3. Input to the Arduino

4. Displaying a yes/no result (LEDS?)

it is up to you to find the answers to these things (your project Your education)