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Is there a reason why most servos in arduino based projects use NiMH batteries? Answered

Most circuit designs on instructables seem to use NiMH batteries to power up servos (i've been looking at robotic hand projects). I don't see why we can't use a 6 volt power supply to directly power up the servos (assuming weight and portability is not an issue). 

Is there any other reason to use those? And is there any other form of batteries we could look into also?

Finally if i were to use a 6 volt power supply and  connect it up to a breadboard that powers up the servos, and then feeds into the arduion's 5 volt input. Would that damage the arduino regulator? 

Thank you!!!


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Best Answer 5 years ago

The reason is mostly portability.
Many projects are designed to be "free of cables" and NiMh batteries offer the best power to weight and power to money ratio.
Bigger projects or those based on solar also use standard lead acid batteries, especially where more power is required.
For stationary projects there is no reason why you could not use a direct power supply instead.
Just make sure the DC coming out of your power supply is clean - if in doubt add a filter.