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Is there a simple way more or less of tracking an instructable being re-posted to other sites, other then googling? Answered

So, recently had this post on one of my instructables: 

"awesome work!!! saw this mentioned on engadget which is awesome!!

- I love that this person pointed this out, as when I googled my bookcase, i found it had been re-posted to over 73 different gadget, science and blog sites.  Not to mention being translated in Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillc and others.  I never would have known or thought to look for it on other sites.  The question is, is there an easy way to tell if my other instructables have been re-posted to other sites, like a way to track it?  Other then googling?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Yes, there is! Go to your Instructable, and look for the grey "INFO" box with your name, picture, etc. In the title bar of that box you'll see a link labelled STATS. Click it.

One of the sections is "referrers," which are all the Web sites from which someone has clicked to find your Instructable. You'll find a load of duplicates (especially from Google), but that should show all the blogs and whatnot.