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Is there a simple way more or less of tracking an instructable being re-posted to other sites, other then googling? Answered

So, recently had this post on one of my instructables: 

"awesome work!!! saw this mentioned on engadget which is awesome!!

- I love that this person pointed this out, as when I googled my bookcase, i found it had been re-posted to over 73 different gadget, science and blog sites.  Not to mention being translated in Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillc and others.  I never would have known or thought to look for it on other sites.  The question is, is there an easy way to tell if my other instructables have been re-posted to other sites, like a way to track it?  Other then googling?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Yes, there is! Go to your Instructable, and look for the grey "INFO" box with your name, picture, etc. In the title bar of that box you'll see a link labelled STATS. Click it.

One of the sections is "referrers," which are all the Web sites from which someone has clicked to find your Instructable. You'll find a load of duplicates (especially from Google), but that should show all the blogs and whatnot.