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Is there a way that i can make a cheap beer scooter? Or anywhere with some plans? Answered

Has anyone ever seen the beer scooter? Its awsome and me and my friends want to make one but don't know how...
Link to beer scooter



Best Answer 10 years ago

The one in the video appears to be a pocketbike motor which is traditionally a 2 stroke, almost comparable to a weedwacker or chainsaw motor. It is pretty simple to make one yourself, with some basic knowledge of tools and motors. I have a couple basic ideas for frames to make either a gas powered Barstool Racer or an electric Ride-On Cooler to help give you an idea of how one should look like. for the cooler idea, you could cut off the bottom of the cooler and shave off little wheelwells, but leave the walls and lid on, to make it look like a cooler with wheels. I myself have personally made a Barstool Racer, and sold it because I got bored of it, but they are fun to build and fun to drive, but I I like to be offroad more than onroad, which is why I sold mine for $600, and I only spent $125 making it haha. To make one on the cheap you can use recycled or scrap metal, an old cooler or barstool, and an old car battery and electric motor, or old gas motor. You can also probably find an old motorbike to grab a sprocket or 2 from. If you make it gas powered, you probably need a centrifugal clutch, which should run you about $50, and with the electric motor, you will need heavy duty wire and switches to turn the motor on and off, which is important and will cost about $50 as well. Both require sprockets and lots of other basic things. The dangers of the electric ones is that if you make it the lazy way, they can produce sparks, which are dangerous and gas powered ones can get really hot and burn you, as well as catch fire if the gas leaks. Hope this helps.

Basic Barstool Frame 1.jpgBasic Electric Barstool Frame 1.jpg

7 years ago

I realise the last post was in 2009, but i found this on youtube which may give an idea of how to make one if you're still interested. There are no dimensions or anything but with some guesswork this may be a good place to start :)



10 years ago

Quite an interesting, minimalist design he's got there! It sounds like a weed whacker to me.....most likely hooked up to a transaxle of sorts.


Answer 10 years ago

Hmm... maby so, its just covered up by a case of beer.