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Is there a way to completely disable the lock on a zune 80? Answered

the lock is stuck in the on position and unfortunately, the tiny plastic piece on the inside snapped off so just opening up the thing didn't help at all. it's stuck on lock and there's really nothing i can do about it, or is there?



Best Answer 8 years ago

if the switch broke you must replace the switch. Unfortunately, unlike the iphone, zune parts are scarce. If you took it apart, see if its reasonable to desolder the lock switch entirely -- you'll be without that function from then on.


8 years ago

If the switch is a typical sliding ON/OFF switch, you should be able to take a sharp pin or needle and use it to push the switch into the ON position, then cover it with a piece of tape or some silicone to keep out dust and moisture.
You may have to open the case to get to the switch.