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Is there a way to connect a bluetooth adapter to a bluetooth headset? Answered

Usually, when you have a portable bluetooth adapter (containing a battery) you must turn it on & pair it with a smart device such as a phone or PC.

Unfortunately, if your music output device is "dumb" such as a traditional MP3 player or even a turntable, there is no apparent method to get this device to pair with, say, a set of Bluetooth speakers or headphones. This is because neither of them have a display to enter a pairing code or to select which device to pair with.

I'm assuming it's impossible to get two of these devices to communicate, but if anybody's figured anything out such as a wireless audio transmitter that uses traditional RF instead of Bluetooth, let me know! Thanks.


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5 years ago

With Bluetooth you have a master device and a slave device. I assume your adapter is for connecting to the audio jack of the MP3 player. These are typically slave devices as is the headphones. You can't get 2 slave devies to pair with eachother.