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Is there a way to connect an adapter from usb to Ethernet and connect it to my router other than buying a print sever? Answered

I have a Hp all in one 3100 printer that runs off of usb and i want to connect it to my router via Ethernet. My current router is Asus RT-N12 and it has 4 LAN ports.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Another solution, a bit more complicated though, is to get an old PC that has networking abilities and use it as your print server. You hook the printer up to it and then make it a shared printer. Once on the network you can access it from any other PC on the network. We did this for a copy machine that did not have network ability but could be used as a printer through USB. It made it available to everyone on the network and could handle big print jobs. The downside is you have to leave the PC on whenever you want to use the printer.


Answer 7 years ago


I do this for fun in addition to building servers! (If I do it for fun, there is always an easier way... read get a print server!) ;)


7 years ago

There isn't just a 'dumb' bridge that will convert between the two, you need a print server, BUT, they aren't expensive these days...

This one is only 25 bucks and has generally ok reviews

Only problem is with networking it lots of people have problems getting their multifunction stuff to work.

Another option is to get a router that has usb serving built in.