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Is there a way to have a hammer for a battle bot with out using pneumatics? Answered

 Im building a battle bot (i know, there old) and i wanted to have a hammer as the weapon, i dont want to use a pneumatic hammer, so is ther any way to make a hammer for a battle bot with out pneumatics.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Probably, but all my friends who are into that have ended up going backto pneumatics themselves. The reason is that you could do that, but itwon't be efficient or powerful enough to be effective in a battlebot arena.
Probably your best bet if you really can't go with pneumatics would be ahigh-torque motor (like from a drill) with the hammer directly attachedto it. Use a battery separate from the rest of the bot to power thedrill motor at your discretion. Maybe use a battery at a slightly highervoltage than what the motor is rated for; you'll wear out the motoreventually, but get the most bang out of it.