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Is there a way to make a can-opener into a bit to fit in the bit-driver of a leatherman skeletool? Answered

I love my leatherman skeletool, but sometimes I am not able to do certain things with it, (such as opening cans) and if there was a way to take a can-opener, salvaged from another multi-tool, and put it in the bit-driver of the skeletool, I'd like to know.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Get yourself a P-38 military style can opener at any military surplus or sporting goods store. They're about $1 U.S., and attach it to the knife with a split ring keyring or a chain.


Answer 8 years ago

+1. Not my favorite type of can-opener, but they're cheap, they're compact, and they work.


8 years ago

Well, some of the swiss army knives have can-opener _blades_... but if you've got to carry the thing separately when not in use, I'd suggest just getting one of the small camping can-openers and using it separately.

All-in-one tools can't do everything, and what they can do involves compromises since they can't do it all as well as a dedicated tool would. I don't know whether you've seen the "universal" Swiss Army Knife -- the one which has every blade they've ever invented -- but it's too large to actually use any of those functions. Often, carrying a second tool -- especially if it's a small one -- really is a better answer.

I like my leatherman, but I use it when I don't have a better tool handy rather than expecting it to be my primary tool for any task.