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Is there a way to make a menu in delphi that can show say different apps in different directories?? See description? Answered

I would like to use a menu to load my apps easier, but im having trouble.  I;d like to make it like PortableApps.com's menu.  Plz help me!!


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Of course "there's a way" some of its system programming, using windows APIs called from Delphi, some of its just UI design, which Delphi is fantastic for.

How is a different matter I'm afraid. There's no "right" way. You need to be VERY familiar with the language first. I always have Marco Cantu's books to hand when I am working inside the language in areas I haven't been before.

It helps to write a really good VERBAL description of the program, and then start to write a more detailed description in words that start to look like the language.