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Is there a way to slow down the speed of a moter while keeping the power the same, without resorting to a gear system? Answered

I have a lawnmower moter, and need to slow it waaaaayy down to like 30rpm but maintain the power (or as much of it as possible). I really dont want to have to use belts, chains, gears or any of that hassle.



10 years ago

Gasoline powered engines produce peak power at a certain speed, and will not do well outside this range. Electric motors can produce power in a wider range, but not efficiently. 30 RPM is way too slow for any gas-powered engine without gearing, as is the same for electric motors. Most gas-powered engines slowest speed is in the range of 700 RPM, but do not provide much power. Electric motors are in the range of 1800 RPM for industrial applications, with most turning at 3600 RPM.


Answer 10 years ago

P.S. - Direct Current electric motors can be used with a speed controller to get down to low speeds, but need lots of amps to turn with any power