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Is there a way to use Solar energy to power an attic space Answered

I am wondering if there is a way to use solar energy to power a room through solar power. I have an attic space that I would like to finish in my home, however, I think it would be cool to use solar panels, inverters and batteries to power the rooms (electrical outlets and lights) is there an easy way to do this?



1 year ago

There are plenty of infos available, including kis to get going with solar and inverter part, like a set of batteries with matching controller and panels.
But to do this in any way you need to know how much power you will use as this value needs to be lower than the max runtime you get out of your batteries.
Then there is seasons and bad weather...
If you want to get same amount of energy in the winter that you might expect for the summer than the panels must be on the overkill side of things unless you are in AU or so with sun all year round.
Due to the efficiency it might even be better to use a 12 or 24V system for lights and some other things and only to power one or two outlets you really need with an inverter that is switched on when needed.

No real easy way to do it as it all involves calculations, wiring, hardware and being conform to local regulations, especially for the electrical safety and battery storage.
In some areas you are also required to provide a kill switch that seperates the panels and a licensed sparky to check and sign of on your creation.
At least if you want to keep your insurance company happy....


1 year ago

Check out GreatScot's video on how to do it on Youtube, he might have an Instructable too, I think.