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Is there a way to work out how long this motor would run? Using LM317? Answered

Im running this Motor (see picture) Using a 6V 1.2ah Lead acid rechargeable battery.
I have it connected as per Picture 2 - Using the LM317 Voltage regulator,
with 4.3volts going to the Motor - which is working perfectly. (Thanks to Steveastrouk )

I am trying to find out if it is possible to work out how long (Time wise) this motor would run
before it stops working. ie, the battery gets too low (below 4.3v im assuming)  etc?

I don't know too much about the LM317, so any help would be greatly appreciated,
if there is a formulae or way to work it out?


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8 years ago

Forget the voltage here, and concentrate on the current. How much CURRENT is it drawing now ? If I make the assumption of ~100mA, then the battery will last 1.2Ah/ 100ma, or 12 hours.