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Is there an "Blob" game that someone can actually enjoy playing online? Answered

I recently thought it would be fun to try some of the blob games like Agar.Io or Nebulous.
But of course once you got tired to play against stupid CPU opponents it is time to battle some real people.
Well at least that was my initial thought.
Funny thing is that when the game starts you have people who, within seconds gain at least 5 times your size making it impossible to gain anything.
The term unfair comes to mind quite quickly, even more so if you enter games that go on forever - you start as nothing and the entire screen is already covered by blobs thausands of times bigger than you.
After two weeks I am now removing these uselss games and at least won't be bothered with useless ads after every game I lost as it gets annoying too.

So the big question: Is there actually some online dot game with a chance to play for more than 30 seconds until being eaten?



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