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Is there an easy way to identify routes between airports ? Answered

I've had a fairly good look for a way of doing this, it might be the way I'm asking the question but.... I've been looking for a way to identify routes out of any given airport. I don't want to book flight with any specific airline, I want to explore possible routes, the way I want to take them, without having to enter my itenary in a dozen airline websites. Somewhere I can see say "Honolulu - Serves LA Sandiego New York, Calgary Paris....." "Manchester UK - serves Paris, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta....." Thanks for any tips ! Steve




10 years ago

A travel agent has access to (I forget the name) a relatively complex database that requires a language of its own to navigate, text only. It's how the back end of all the travel websites work. They would be able to help you - but then they do expect you to book through them after they do all the legwork :D


Answer 10 years ago

Cute idea I'll grant you, bitvch to use though, and US only ! Want to get to Hawaii from the UK for a conference next year, and travel DIRECT


Answer 10 years ago

I don't think you can. Must involve a change somewhere. Nice trip though - who's paying (if you don't mind?) L