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Is there an easy way to make small solar powered lights that work indoors? Answered

This seems like it would be easy, but all I'm finding on the web is answers that use a solar garden light to make basic "moon" jars. That's not exactly working for me: what I want is some small solar LED-looking lights, ideally a track of them, that come on at dusk in our mudroom. I've tried taking apart an outdoor solar garden light, but no luck -- wires too short, and when I tried to modify the wiring (on two testers) they both stopped working. Is there a way to buy all components needed, separately?



10 years ago

Solar cells work most efficiently under natural sunlight. What I have seen done is a row of solar cells across to top of a window, used to charge batteries that are, in turn, used to run LED lights. In the units you mention that "stopped working", extending the wires should not have stopped them working - most likely you cracked a joint when you dismantled them, as they are not built to withstand makers furtling about inside them. Try re-soldering the joints.