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Is there any budjet software to make electronic schematics that can be placed in other documents, and to generate pcbs? Answered

I may wish to send someone a copy of a electronic schematic or even prepare an "Instructables" offering. And the ability to make a resist template to produce circuit boards would be great. I am a bit of a novice, and haven't worked in electronics in quite a while. But now I have some ideas to pursue. I have experimented with different color mixtures of led grow lighting for pepper plants and wish to make some of my own Led arrays, which would be more suitable for seedlings to be set outside. Thanks Owen oshaifer@cox.net



9 years ago

Eagle is a great program but you may want to try out the freeware version of Diptrace (I'm not affiliated in anyway!). I then print on press and peel blue, iron and etch.


10 years ago

eagle is a good program