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Is there any free airflow simulation solution available? Answered

I am a bit stuck in a design for a vortex cooling tube and would like to avoid the times and waste of printing new prototypes for minor changes.
So far all I could find is either very expensive commercial software or you need to provide all required dimensions and such in text form/calculations.
And none of the free options allow for complex, changing shapes along the airflow areas :(

It is very time consuming trying to find matching values for diameters, orifices and nozzles if you can only use most basic calculations and testing.
When I write the Ible I will include a pic of my pile of not so well working designs LOL

The basic goal is simple: Have a constant pressure through the entire inlet system while getting a nice pressure drop throughout the tube.
Too bad a vortex does not care how much you calculate :(
For example a drop of inlet pressure that might be minor can cause the entire thing to fail on the cold end.
Same story if the air coming from the vortex generator is not moving fast enough.
But if there is a too great pressure difference from vortex generator to inlet you won't even get a usable airflow rate through the vortex.
No problem getting these things to work just fine with an unlimited supply of air and constant high pressure - different story when using just a 120 liter per minute homedepot compressor...
I worked with inserts for the vital bits to allow a drastic reduction of waste for testing but you can only go so far until you need a new body.

Is there really no simulation software available for this sort of testing?


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