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Is there any free way to convert Mp3 to MID? Answered

for some reason my phone will only take MID files as ringtones, and I have many mp3 files, though it only stores those as music. is there any free way for me to convert my mp3s to MID?



Best Answer 10 years ago

MP3 is an audio recording. MID (MIDI) is the computer equivalent of sheet music. If your MP3 file has only a single instrument which is playing a single note at a time -- voice, flute, horn -- there is software which will attempt to figure out what's being played and produce a MIDI score from it. If it's anything more complicated, you would need a human to pick it apart into individual instruments playing individual parts, transcribe those parts, and reconstruct the mix -- and that's assuming your phone supports enough of the right instrument sounds to render this. Sorry, but your choices are either to find a MIDI rendering of that tune (and hope the phone can play it) or to pick another ringtone... or to buy a phone which can play MP3 ringtones.

Joe Martin

10 years ago

There is but I won't even bother linking the link as it was awful, The reason why has been said by orksecurity.