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Is there any instructables on "sound guys for dummies"? Answered

my band has a gig coming up and a "sound guy: for dummies" would be really amazing!




Best Answer 10 years ago

What do you need to know about running a sound system? How to set it up, how to listen for a good mix, how to equalize a microphone, etc? What part do you not understand, and have you ever done this before?


10 years ago

It's a fairly simple field... but there's a lot of ground to cover. First off we'd need to know what kind of equipment you're working with. I'm afraid I don't have the time or photos to do a detailed 'ible... but I'd be happy to answer any SPECIFIC questions you may have.


10 years ago

Are you looking for information on how to work with one, or how to be one? There are some good websites out there on basic sound reinforcement. (I started working on one myself, many moons ago, but got distracted and never finished it.)