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Is there any mods for palm tx? Answered

I have a palm tx, and i tried selling it and nobody wants it. im trying to find out if there is any software out there that i can turn my tx into something.



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11 years ago

I also have a Palm TX and was faced with the same dilemma.

I recommend spending $34.99 and turning it in to a fantastic universal remote for every device in your house. You can get a "lite" version of the software for less money but as the name implies, it is limited on what you can do.

Buy this software here: http://www.novii.tv/palm/deluxe/

The IR on a Palm TX gets fantastic distance. I can easily control my TV, DVD, and Surround Sound from sitting 14ft across our living room.

It has a huge following on the net and you can download countless ready-made remotes that others have created. If you can't find the remote you're looking for it is also a piece of cake to create your own!

I believe the software works for 30 days before having to register, so give it a try yourself!