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Is there any more suggestion? Answered

Hi, I am seriously considering the purchase of EASEUS data recovery wizard or Partition Table Doctor and have some questions, I will give you the background of my problem - I was loading Password Pros (password recovery software) and during the loading process (when it was in the middle of loading) the computer was accidently rebooted by me. Now every time I turn on my computer it repeatedly reboots itself and never gets past this point. Just before the computer is ready to shut itself down and reboot itself again, it gives the message "Bad image check sum olecnv32.dll c0000221". Is there any more suggestion?



12 years ago

Try a Linux LiveCD an operating system that can run straight off the CD (i.e. Ubuntu, Mepis) or some Linux distro. that can read/write Windows partitions (NTFS) as then you can possibly recover your hard drive data. For a partition program/OS try Gparted it's a small Linux distro with partitioning programs.

Why use these? they're free! and simple to use. (with a little common sense)