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Is there any official theme that doesnt slow windows xp down? Answered

I got a netbook and if i install the royal noir theme it gets slow. So im looking for a theme wich looks better than the ugly normal xp theme but doesnt slow my computer down



Best Answer 9 years ago

Aside from the built-in styles, Royal Noir is the only "official" theme out there.  Any other themes will require a third-party program, and will likely slow your system down further.

There are some other things you can do to speed up your machine, and some may even allow you to keep Royal Noir. 
-Turn off some of windows' animations and effects.
-Disable a few unnecessary services.
-Disable any and all unnecessary startup programs.
-Upgrade your RAM.

If none of that helps, you can try these measures to get a smoother system.
-Switch to "Windows Classic Style" and disable all remaining effects.  It'll look like Windows 98, but it'll run faster.
-Try Ubuntu (or Netbook Remix) or some other Linux flavor designed for lightweight systems.  I highly recommend Ubuntu and Puppy Linux for beginners and Slax for Intermediate users.  These will all run well on most Netbooks and should have enough free resources to handle some nice themes.


One more big speed-up tip:
Switch to a lighter Antivirus.  

Avast! is great and free, but it's too heavy for most netbooks.  Norton is notorious for bogging down even the most powerful machines.

Right now, the free Microsoft Security Essentials is my choice for use on netbooks.  It's light enough and still able to do it's job.


Answer 9 years ago

It's pretty hefty, yeah.  I wouldn't recommend it, but you can work with it if you've already paid for it.


Answer 9 years ago

I got a 2 month trial but i instaled the microsoft scanner and it seems to run faster !


7 years ago

strap a frag to ur computer


9 years ago

I think you may need to patch a system .dll file, but once you do that you can run the zune theme which is some orange tints and looks better than windows classic by far, and imo better than the kiddy blue of XP 


Answer 9 years ago

I'm usin Zune too, though the desktop image is crap. Additionally used NASA Night Launch skin for Firefox to get it all dark/black (+TallyHawk Skin for Trillian).

-> But concernin the "slow problem":
1. Get sum "XPAntispy" (freeware) from the net. It's meant to do sum changes on XP, you normally can't do, say it speeds up the sys and cleans it from implemented adware and related crap; XPAntispy is kept in devellopment and by now they added sum tweaks.

2. And sumtimes it might be of sense, if you get sum "Regcleaner" (freeware), a small program that cleans up the sys' registry as programs that get uninstalled often leave sum entries in the registry, which means that cache is reserved for already dead programs.
Just install it and under "Options->Registry Cleanup->Method" set it on Automatic and to run the scan go under "tools->Registry Cleanup->Do them all". For me it's always been amazin to run that prog on comps of the elder generation and other "noobs" as it always gets new highscores of found and killed dead entries.

3. Sumtimes defragmentation of the hard disks speeds things up. The MS-defrag is crap. Best seems to be O&O defrag.

-> You can also just get a pack of such progs, e.g. TuneUp Utilities, but i dun like them that much as i never know what they are doin rite the way i start em.