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Is there any possibility to create a Plugin for Media Center that allows XBOX 360 on blinkx.com? if yes, how? Answered

I have been doing some reasearch...I am trying to use my xbox 360 to go on the internet and stream videos. I got rid of my cable and I am now using the website www.blinkx.com to watch series and movies. I also found a plugin called MCE Browser (http://www.anpark.com/Software.aspx) that allow surfing on the web from the xbox 360 when it is connected to a media center computer, but no luck using it, it is also limited. If plugins like this exist it must be possible in some way

Any idea or suggestions


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10 years ago

Possible for someone who has the tools to program the box? Sure. Possible for an end-user? Probably only by buying commercial software which does it. That's the nature of a game box. It does what it does well, but it ONLY does what you buy for it.