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Is there any way I can hook up another TV to my cable which is already installed. I have the converter box already.? Answered

I have a HDTV in my LR, and a small flat screen getting basic cable in my bedroom, would like to hook up  another TV in my sewing room.  I have a converter box, extra cable, it once was hooked up to cable, but I can't get it to come in now, TV is in good working condition.


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9 years ago

You need to simply split the signal. If you don't mind marrying it to one of the tvs, you can do it after the box. If you want it to be independent, you need to split it at the coax in the wall. Of course not having it attached to the box means your tv is then limited to it's internal tuner- a lot of them only go to like channel 125 or so.