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Is there any way to glue plastic to fabric? Answered

I want to glue a plastic ziplock bag to cotton/spandex fabric, is there a particular glue that will do the job or any other method anyone can suggest?



4 years ago

Is it possible to sew it? I have sewn plastic to fabric by layering the fabric, plastic and bias tape or fabric ribbon. Sewing with spandex, I would suggest a zigzag stitch.


7 years ago

using either a high temp hot glue gun applied to the bag then pressed to the fabric, or if the bag is big enough, place it up against the fabric, open it as wide as you can, place a sheet of wax paper face down in the bag, and iron the bag onto the fabric. that second option only works with a larger bag,
imagine trying to fit an iron inside of a sandwich bag.


7 years ago

Unless your intent is to create a static display of some sort, finding an easily accessible and effective adhesive is going to be difficult, if not impossible. I would suggest you look into heat and/or pressure bonding.
Experiment on samples of the materials, using a heavy clothes iron, where you can actually integrate the plastic and fabric into a unified piece. I think that would be the best method of producing a unified, durable product.


7 years ago

You'll have to experiment a little because not all plastics are the same, but what I like the best, is a glue called WELDBOND. It adheres to nearly everything (wood, tile, glass, fabric, styrofoam, plastic etc.) - It's worth looking for.

You can see the bottle in an instructable I did. It worked really well and dries clear.