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Is there any way to transfer data from a Palm Pilot (Tungsten E2 PDA) into an Apple iPhone 3G/S? Answered

Rather than starting over, typing each character from my contacts, memory, photo files, it sure would be nice to just do a data transfer from my desktop. I know that the iPhone uses the iTunes as a "home base" when transferring data and music. (Sync'ing...I believe is the correct term.) I'm not good with compooters. LOL!


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11 years ago

You need a data cable/dock for each the palm and the iphone. As you say itunes manages the iphone - you just need to sync your palm to a file on the computer in a standard format that itunes is willing to sync to the iphone. Shouldn't be too hard. If you have the palm you probably have the cable. MS office or some proprietary app should sync with your palm out of the box.