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Is there some sort of rigid tubing with a 40 mm interior diameter to fit an airsoft grenade? Answered

What material, size and thickness of tubing (pvc, abs, copper) would be necessary to fit a 40 mm airsoft grenade inside of. It would need to be either 40mm exactly or slightly larger, although I'm not sure how much larger it could be.


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L.E.D. hero
L.E.D. hero

9 years ago

1 1/4 pvc has he exact internal diameter of 40 mm but i would suggest using larger pipe because (1) if your looking to launch rockets they have a 2" diameter, and (2) the 40mm grenade is slightly larger, making putting it in a tight squeeze. look at the airsoft m72 LAW coupler thats at the end of he tube that says fernco proflex 2" copper to 1 1/4 pvc, that works like a charm. good luck