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Is there some way for me to connect the type of LCD screen with a ribbon-type DSI connection to raspberry pi zero? Answered

I have an LCD screen that I am planning to use for a raspberry pi zero project, but it is a DSI connection, instead of a micro hdmi, is there some way for me to connect this anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This screen is one I took from a broken HP 8600, it is an 
"Hp Officejet Pro 8600 N911a Display Control Dash Panel Cm749-60021 Touch Screen" 
***UPDATE*** after a long time of twidling with the tiny terminals, I finally figured out witch ones would turn the screen on (and very brightly at that). Any advice on how to try and figure out how to get video input to it now?


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Answer 3 years ago

yeah sadly I realized I should've kept the cable when it was too late, but thanks for the info and links

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Answer 3 years ago

That is an HP I think I have it.

You are in for fun.

HP liks to put the graphics and the command codes on a 1 time programmable resin coated IC on the LCD module. You can tell it from the test points around the resin coated IC.

I have put power to their LCDs and all the graphics and commands come up with out the module connected anything but power.


3 years ago

***UPDATE*** if it helps your answer, I found out that this screen is a "

Hp Officejet Pro 8600 N911a Display Control Dash Panel Cm749-60021 Touch Screen"

3 years ago

Your going to need to know the connections on that ribbon cable - Google - if they look like they will match the PI socket then it may work. lots of room for maybes and ifs though.