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Is there somewhere to get attiny85 codes? Answered

I'm wondering if there are any sites for attiny85 codes?  Like I know there are fireflies and traffic light codes and such by people here on instructables.  Is there a list of all these somewhere? 



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6 years ago

There probably are... The ATtiny85(I can't figure out the correct spelling of that -caps/no caps) is one of several microprocessor chips used to cheaply embed an electronic controller in production of stuff you buy off the shelf. The industrial code is probably proprietary and direct programming is a bit advanced. Luckily, most of what you have probably seen is code ported over by using the arduino and its programming interface (IDE) to program the ATtiny85. Most develop programs or sketches on a full featured arduino and then shrink it down for the ATtiny. It is easier to search through arduino (arduino.cc) or ATtiny projects here and get sample code to use. Also, adafruit's GEMMA and TRINKET are ATtiny85 chip based so all of their tutorials have code ready for you to use. Good luck.