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Is there windows program that makes apps for the iPhone 3 and 4? Answered

Hi, i'm running a Windows Vista service pack 2 PC and i'd like to develop apps for the iPhone and the programs interface is close to the same function as Game Maker, Visual Studio and Dreamweaver MX 2002, it has got four modes that are avalible and it MUST let me select 1 of them every time i start the software and it should be a lite or beta of the software so that i can have it forever and buy it if i like it and i'd like to have these requirements:
Normal app maker mode:
able to build advanced software
has all the formatting of Visual Studio
Panels for inserting objects
Web Browser formatting (web pages are viewed inside this)
Comment box adder
Title box adder
Radio Buttons




8 years ago

You have to have a Mac (or a virtual machine running OS X) and pay the $90 a year license fee to Apple for their development environment to make iPhone apps.


Answer 8 years ago

Which is one of several reasons the iTouch doesn't quite do it for me. Android may; I'm still investigating.


Answer 8 years ago

Android development environment is free. No tithe, no fealty to lord Jobs, no need to wear an "iSmug" patch or parrot marketing brochures about "shiny" features to gain a point in flame wars. And...Marketplace, is to the best of my knowledge free Charge, don't charge...whatever. it's the PC world all over again. Just written in Java this time ;-) Oh, and of course you won't invalidate your warranty by installing something that's not approved by Apple's finance officers.