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Is this 4-Sided Diamond Hone Block any good? Answered

4-Sided Diamond Hone Block  I was wondering if it would be a  good idea to use this to polish up my katana that I'm building. I already have a whet stone but it powders easily and seems  to not be able to handle the job. also it takes forever i want something with a lower grit.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

It's called a "whet" stone not wheat stone.

The link you show will probably do some good.

I used to know a professional knife sharpener.  He spent several years in Japan studying and and apprenticeship.

He was EXTREEMLY good at his craft.

 You give him a sword to sharpen and you might get it back in 6 months. 

He would spend several hundred hours of actual working time on it.  Read that line again.

So, take your time and make sure every step is perfect before proceeding to the next step and you won't be disappointed in the results.


10 years ago

I can't attest to that particular brand hone but I use several diamond hones to keep my tools and knives sharp and they work extremely well.
The grits of the hone you posted are good for working a decent edge and leveling high spots but if you want a nice shiny blade you will need some progressively finer grits working up to about 2000 grit.
A buffing wheel and several different grit buffing compounds will do the finish work quite well.
A tip for you, use water to lubricate and float away particles as you hone on the diamond hone. I also use water, rather than oil, on carborundum whetstones.


Answer 10 years ago

oh i understand that i want to get this really rough one to just get the job started i have a file that i can get a good shine also my current wetstone can do quite a bit of fine polishing.