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Is this CMO chip compatible with this one for hot swapping? Answered

For those who may it concern, thanks if you can help.
So, I have recently found another CMO chip, one strangely on an old modem + audio card, and I want to use it use it on an motherboard I'm going to flash (fear of failure, so I'm going to hot swap with another one it if I can). I'm not an professional in chips, so I'd like to see if anyone can help me out here.

Here is the two CMO chips (both are 32 pin PDIP):
On the card: AM29F010-90PC
And on motherboard: SST29EE020
The motherboard using: GA-6BXC

The only slight difference I've had notice is that the card one had 1MB of memory and pin 30 is not used, while the other is 2MB of memory and does use pin 30. The BIOS awards, updated to the current beta version, and as well I think 1MB is enough room for the flashing (I hope).


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11 years ago

Why do you want to hot-swap it? Sounds like a bad idea to me.