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Is this a good idea for the Arduino? Answered

I had this idea a week ago. So I have an Arduino and I am planning to get a Raspberry Pi with a WiFi doggle. Anyways so the Official Arduino Wifi shield is I think $80 but the Raspberry Pi with the Wifi Doggle is about $50. So if you were to use a serial connection with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi with the Wifi doggle on the Raspberry Pi you would have a Wifi sheild for a cheaper price. Right? Would this work. Also you have a bigger bang for your buck because you can do other things with the Raspberry Pi while with the Arduino Wifi shield you can only connect to Wifi.

Please Help me

Because I need wireless communication with my Arduino. and raspberry pi is not good with raw sendor data while the Arduino is.


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Best Answer 7 years ago

it should work, but not like a wifi shield. You will need to write code for the pi that does what you want it to do, as well as taking the serial data from the arduino and using it for what you want. It may be a little cheaper, but you pay for that with a more complicated project, more power usage, and less of a community who did what you're doing.