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Is this ambergris Answered


My dog bought this item to me whilst walking along Duranbah Beach in Queensland Australia.

It floats on water, weighs 323 grams, has a nice sweet smell.

Ambergris buying experts in France say "definitely not ambergris".

Passes all the tests for ambergris including hot needle.

James Cook University, 5 marine biology experts came back to say "not certain from photos but most suggested ambergris"

One image on ambergris New Zealand buyers website looks almost identical to this piece.

I really would like to know what it is, if anyone can help with guidance or perhaps seen similar.

Look forward to feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Brendan Warlow

Sheldon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


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2 years ago

It most likely is and very very expensive if you sell it in the right places.
List it on Ebay available to international bidders with lots of pics and a pic with it on a scale.
You might be surprised with the outcome in a very positive way ;)


2 years ago

These are images I found online, the first one looks very similar but perhaps much older, not so fresh & waxy looking.

ambergris images - bois de Jasmine.jpgAmbergris-Ambra-grisea-Ambre-gris-ambergrease-grey.jpg