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Is this fair? Answered

I had bought a pair of trainers the other day, not realising that  they were two different trainers. When I went back to the shop only wearing the trainers for a day, they said that I couldn't get a full refund because they were 'worn out'. Is this really fair, the store was sports direct and the trainers were £20. The member of staff even said that it was alright to wear two different trainers! That was just to be cheap.... Is this really fair? I have lodged a complaint so hopefully I should get some satisfactory conclusion.



Best Answer 8 years ago

In the UK you have a right as a consumer for the retailer to provide you with a product that is fit for it's purpose - 2 different shoes obviously isn't it is there fault for not noticing it. Go back - Insist at least they change them for a correct pair - If they still say no then ring the trading standards people because they are breaking the law. Keep your receipt.


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks! I went to the store and I had got £8 compensation :( I will phone the trading standards agency now, The thing is the guy had crossed off the thing that I had bought on the recipt, but I think that you can still see it. Thank you again!