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Is this on the markety already? (Man over board localizer) Answered


The system consist of a ballistic launched lifesaver with a flag and dye marker combined with an alarm.

The system is simply a can of pressurized air that is being rapidly released (or an automotive airbag explosive unit), pushing a lifebuoy into the water, towards the person in the water.

Additional features:
The system should also have a high flag or maybe even a balloon, making it easier for both the person in need of rescue to swim towards it and for the boat to find “the spot” where the person fell overboard. This is harder than it seems, especially far off shore, where one square mile of water may look very similar to the next one.
A slow releasing dye marker for the same reasons -also makes it easier for air rescue to find the spot.
For big ships, a control panel that asks you to point the “lifebuoy barrel” towards the direction where the person in need of rescue is. This way, the ship would have six units pointing in all directions.
Pushing the control button should also sound an alarm

GNU License by Einar Kramer


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10 years ago

Oh, and a balloon could be inflated by an item similar to a light-stick that would break when the lifesaver is launched, but containing zink and a glass vile with acid (this produces hydrogen for the balloon)