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Is this possible to DIY at home? Answered

You may not have heard of this, but there is this thing called Plant-e, which works like this... Basically, what is does it it harvests the waste products of microorganisms that feed off of excess plant energy. These waste products are.. electrons!
A you can see here, you can buy your own kit at home:
...for $700. They have a diagram here:
http://plant-e.com/onewebstatic/cfc3f17559-Gras_Plant-MFC.jpg-for-web-large.jpg explaining how it works, and a very good video explaination here:
Do you think I can do this by myself at home? Can I get the supplies to make this at a store nearby or online for cheap? Or, is this very advanced technology that I can probably not replicate.
Thank you


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6 years ago

All I see is a big scam.

By using for example copper and zink for the electrodes and moist soil will produce electricty.

Same for wet sand by the way.

The whole "explanation" on how it works is similar to fuel line magnets and vortex devices for your air intake on the car.

Had to actually look up the workings of microbial fuel cells and after that it is no problem finding useful Yuotube links showing how to build one at home.

Critical parts are the electrodes and salt bridge.

In any case you need a lot of space to create enough useful energy, unless you are planning big it won't even be enough to power a small motor.

If you have some massive tanks it might be a different story...

But what the advertised kit can do is maybe power a calculator...