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Is this technically a weapon?? Answered

I am making my own hidden blade(using a letter opener), and my grandpa told me that if the 'bladed' or sharpened part is under 4", it is not considered a weapon. I am wondering if this is true.

I don't plan on using this as a weapon, i am just wondering.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Yes, it is a weapon. Your grandpa gave you only partial information, and information which is no longer applicable. Ten years ago, the rule for carrying stuff on airplanes was that a blade under 4 inches (such as your typical Swiss Army knife) was allowed to go through security. Today, nothing sharp is allowed through. You've got a 50-50 chance of having your pen or pencil confiscated by some minimum-wage nazi.


9 years ago

In fact, it is such a weapon that if you get caught with it at school, you stand a good chance of being expelled, and not only getting into legal trouble yourself, but bringing down the "axe" on your parents as well.


9 years ago

Anything is "technically a weapon" if it is used as a weapon. Anything may be considered a weapon by the police if they believe you intend to use it as a weapon. Hiding it will increase the odds that they believe you intend to use it as a weapon.

Beyond that: Legality of blades, and size thereof, depends very much on local laws and regulations. Don't ask the Internet; ask the police department whose opinion is going to matter.  What is legal in your neighborhood may not be legal in mine, and vice versa... sometimes simultaneously.