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Is this to much to learn on? Answered

I have a canon 80d. I have been shooting photography amaturly my whole life , and I have worked around cameras in the music and film industry , I am hoping to further my career by strengthening my photography skills and I was able to get the canon 80d for a reasonable price ( still set my back a pretty penny tho) . But my question is , did I bite off more then I can chew? I have been using it in auto just fine but will using all its features be to overwhelming



5 weeks ago

A great way to ease into manual photography is to use Aperture Priority mode (Av) - This way you get to control your depth of field and image softness while the camera still does the heavy lifting of computing the shutter times.

My favorite way to shoot is to set the camera to Av, drop my aperture as open as it will go (f/2.8-f/5.6, depending on the lens) and then set the camera to overexpose +1 stop.

Check out the diagram in the last lesson of my free Photography Class on Instructables for more guidance.

Hope this helps!