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Is this video real!?!? Answered

 it seems impossible but i guess it work,
has anyone tried this?
i want to!
here is the link


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The Ideanator
The Ideanator

Best Answer 10 years ago

There would be a number of issues with this.
1) Power. The led in the remote doesn't put out enough light to be seen well enough that far away(how far away will the tuner turn on the TV outside in the daylight?)
2) Emergency vehicles probably have their own green light changers
3) If they didn't, then cops pulling people over at red lights would have that light be green for the whole duration of the traffic stop and then some afterwords.
4) In the video, the guy has the tuner in frame right before the light changes. That could be rigged (he timed the light and did a few takes to get it right)
5) If it was actually that simple, you'd think the DOT would change that.
6) Your windsheild presumably would block IR as well as UV (IR leds are what tuners/remotes use)

But if you want to try this, go ahead, there's no one stopping you. Good luck!


10 years ago

Seeing that the file is labeled "Gagfilms.com" I would tend to believe that it is a farce.

Plus, I used to drive a firetruck in a volunteer fire department and the lights in our town did not go directly to green they went to the yellow for the cross traffic then red.  Going directly to red would cause too many accidents.