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Issue with comments not posting? Answered

I tried to go out this morning and post a reply to a comment, and got "Error on page" instead of the text entry box. I then tried to post a new Answer and got the same result. Finally, I tried to post a new comment on an Instructable and you guessed it: "Error on page". 
I verified that my internet connection was working, checked to make sure my firewall hadn't gotten fakakte'd overnight, installed a pending Java update and even rebooted the machine - no change.

Is this just me or is it a more widespread issue? I am using IE8 and Win7. I am now hoping that this topic will post....

UPDATE: At least it's not just me: https://www.instructables.com/answers/HELP-PLEASE-I-CANT-COMMENT/
UPDATE 2: I just installed Firefox, and now I can see the text entry interface and key a reply. Had a couple of issues getting logged out every time I tried to submit a reply, but tweaking the Firefox settings seems to have fixed that. IE 8 is still an issue, though.


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