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Issues in Drafts Answered

Drafts have been all wonky lately.

I've been getting ads on my draft URL pages even though I'm a pro member.
I can't rollover image notes on drafts unless in edit mode.
Images are sometimes very small or cropped funny. When I look at the ible in full preview mode, the images are correct.
I can't click on an image to enlarge it at the draft URL.
When I published an ible recently that had some of these issues, everything worked and looked fine after publishing.

These issues are present in both Chrome and Firefox on my Mac (OS X 10.9.2).



4 years ago

It sounds like some of the issues you're seeing will be solved by clearing your browser cache.

In preview mode, the features you're noting are actually designed to be non-functioning, according to our devs. I've sent you a PM with a little more detail.

Good questions, thank you! :)


Reply 4 years ago

I cleared my cache, and all it changed was that the ads are gone. It is the draft URL that isn't functioning the way it should. I know that image notes and image enlargements do not work in preview mode.

In the past, unless I'm crazy, the draft URL was fulling functioning as if it was published. The only difference is that it could only be found if you had the URL. In the past, I've shared ibles with friends or family before publishing and they really couldn't tell the difference. It was also a way for me to see how the ible would look and function upon publishing. I've sent you the URL for the worst example of these issues in my drafts, though they all are behaving in the same way.


Reply 4 years ago

Hello! i'm sorry to hear of your continued issues, let me try to explain:

we have recently changed the way previewing a draft works. Previews of drafts are no longer functional pages. Meaning that normal functionality is no longer there for the page content(image note popups, links to author page, expanding an image into the lightbox viewer for a better look, etc)

so far we resolved:

1. the issue with ads (this is now working as expected, no ads for a pro user)

2. cannot rollover image notes to see the note (expected behavior)

3. cannot click an image to enlarge on a /preview url (expected behavior)

Then there is the issue as seen in the screenshot in the post above. where images are cropped poorly and are improperly displayed in the step fileset. I have been unable to reproduce this issue in chrome and firefox on mac OSX 10.9. tested both "full preview" within the editor itself, and going to the /preview url for your instructable. see screenshots for my results here.

Do you have any browser plugins that may be causing the issue?

can you reproduce the issue with images in an incognito window of the same browser you CAN see the issue in? (in chrome on OSX a new incognito window can be made with Command+shift+N, firefox OSX is Command+shift+P)

it may be best to take this offline and send me a PM with your results for further investigation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.59.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.58.39 AM.png

Reply 4 years ago

I'll PM you with further details as it seems that the remaining issues are more specific to me than I had thought. I am however, appauled at these changes to drafts.

Why on earth would Instructables choose to destroy the functionality of a draft?!


Reply 4 years ago

I believe you've figured out the range of issues here over PM, but for those who find this topic in the future we did this, on purpose, because of spam. It gets detailed and particular fast, but the broad strokes of it are this: by requiring login to view drafts and disabling some features before publish, we've dramatically deterred spammers. It turns out linking to (millions of) unpublished drafts was one of their favorite pass times.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you'll agree that a faster and spam-free community is worth the price of changing the draft view a bit.


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks for the clarification here for other members. I feel left out of the loop for not knowing about the changes to draft functionality, and I'm sad that those changes needed to be made, but I understand now. The saddest part is not being about to have private functional ibles. Perhaps there could be a way to publish privately in the future?


Reply 4 years ago

Well, if all this helps to keep the spammers out that you guys have my full blessings.
But I guess some users might really need a fully working preview function.
If you spend all the time on an Instructable and you can only spot certain problems once published I see frustration coming...
In any case fighting spam is always good :)


Reply 4 years ago

Sadly, the only issue that was fixed when I cleared my cache was the ads. In the past, unless I'm crazy, an unpublished draft could be viewed fully functioning at its URL. I've shared the URL with friends before publishing and they couldn't tell the difference. It also gave the author the opportunity to see exactly how the ible would look upon publishing. I know preview mode isn't fully functioning, but it is the only place where the images look correct.

I've sent you a URL for one of my drafts that is the best example of these issues.


Reply 4 years ago

I use previews in exactly the same way, and would also like the functionality back.