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Instructibles not appearing and other Answered

Hi, its pucksurfer, lately I've had a couple of instructibles that have not appeared in the recent section. I publish them and then they only appear in my profile page but not in the recent section. My last one didn't even after I waited like 6 hours and I knew it was published because I had 3 views when I looked at from my profile. I cant even search it. I think that I had the same problem with my most popular car manufacturer instructible. If you could it would be great to fix that, or tell me how to fix it. I've been jointly using the app on my ipod 4 which has iOS 6.1.6 and my acer chromebook w/ chrome OS 34.0.1847.134 and typing and adding about half the pics from the chromebook and about half of the pics and a little bit of typing on my ipod. I've had this glitch on now two or three instructibes.

Also, I tried emailing the support team at support@instructibles.com (which I found on the contacts page) from my gmail account but it wouldn't go through and google sent me an email that said that the message failed permanently and that google tried to deliver the message but it was rejected by the domain instructibles.com. 

I've also found that sometimes on the website when I search something in the search bar on the top then it will just direct me to the featured page and then I have to re-search that and then it will go to the right search page.




5 years ago

There's a spelling mistake in the email address you tried. You can contact us at service@instructables.com.

When publishing, you may get caught in our automated filters if your project contains anything dangerous. Since we observe business hours we might not get to releasing your project until after the weekend (though sometimes we're speedy and check on weekends, too!).


5 years ago

The most likely reason for not seeing your project immediately is that you tripped the filters.

Your car manufacturer project will have tripped the filters because you only added one step to a step-by-step, and you had a lot of commercial (spam-friendly) words in your key words.

I would guess that the reason your email bounced was spelling - it's "instructAbles", not "instructibles". Other than that, you can also email "service@instructables.com", or contact one of the staff or the Community Team by PM:




Reply 5 years ago

(I have no idea why the formatting of the text changed part way through that comment!)