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Italy not allowed to contests. Embarg? Answered

Hi, I feel a bit disappointed about this... I used to partecipate in the past in a lot of contests in the past.

I have a lot of coloured shirts at home, and a cool steel mug, won in some contests. It was nice partecipating.

Is there an embarg now to Italy, as it seems we are not allowed anymore to enter contests?

It was so cool, that's why I'm a bit sad.

I found a few other thread, but unfortunately, I couldn't find an answer.



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1 year ago

Many countries have laws preventing their citizens from participating in contests like the ones run on this site, and Italy is one-such country.

While some authors in these countries may have received prizes in the past, the site strives to be fully compliant with those countries' laws.

This is a slightly outdated topic, but offers a deeper explanation: https://www.instructables.com/community/Update-on-International-Entries-in-Instructables-C/

In addition, in order to prevent frustration for authors the site now requires authors to acknowledge their country at the time they try to enter a contest - rather than enter, potentially win, and THEN find out that they are unable receive a prize due to their country's laws.